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Pangnirtung Hikes

The Auyuittuq Lodge

Pangnirtung Hotel

in Pangnirtung, Nunavut Canada

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Hiking is a favorite activities for visitors to Pangnirtung. Day hikes include:

The Ikuvik Trail is a hike up Mount Duval that goes from sea level to a height of 671 meters with breathtaking views of

  • Pang Pass
  • The town of Pangnirtung
  • Pangnirtung Fjord

"Ikuvik" means the place where hunters rendezvous to begin caribou hunting. The summit offers spectacular views of:

  • Pangnirtung Fjord
  • nearby mountains
  • glaciers

The path is well marked by rock inuksuks. These cairns are used by Inuit hunters past and present to mark their traveling routes. The hike takes about 6 hours and is 13 km.

The Ukama Trail follows a natural line along the Duval River. The moderate walk leads past:

  • pools
  • waterfalls

This hike takes one to three hours. Much of the trail is on firm ground but some of the areas are over soft, spongy tundra to steeper slopes of broken rock. Sturdy, waterproof boots are recommended.

A third trail hiking trail goes northeast along the fjord to Overlord at the head of the fjord. This trail takes one to three days to complete. From Overlord, there is a hike along the Weasel River cutting through the length of the fjord. This trail will reach Summit Lake and then continue toward the opposing fjord. The hike from Overlord to Summit Lake takes a few days round trip. This route is popular among backpackers. The views are spectacular.

Mount Duval

Overlord near Pangnirtung

The East shore of Cumberland Sound
The Whaling Station on Kekerten Island


Cumberland Sound

Kekerten Island is located in Kekerten Historic Park in Cumberland Sound near Pangnirtung. This was the site of whaling station during the 1850s and 1860s. The whaling industry made great use of Inuit knowledge of whales, the local area, and methods of survival in the Arctic. A number of artefacts remain as part of the whaling station including the foundation of three storehouses built in 1857 by Scottish whalers, and large cast-iron pots used for rendering whale oil.

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