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Pangnirtung Outfitters

The Auyuittuq Lodge

Pangnirtung Hotel

in Pangnirtung, Nunavut Canada

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hotels are located in:

Pangnirtung Outfitters

Alivaktuk Outfitting
P.O. Box 3, Pangnirtung, NU
X0A 0R0

Phone 867-473-8721

Offers sport fishing

Kullualik Outfitting
P.O. Box 266, Pangnirtung, NU
X0A 0R0
Phone 867-473-8653

Offers sport fishing.

Peter's Expediting & Outfitting Services

P.O Box 365 Pangnirtung NU

X0A 0R0

Phone: (867) 473-4060


Owner Peter Kilabuk, is proud to present his new business in Marine Expediting and Outfitting Services for the Pangnirtung and Cumberland Sound Area.  As an expeditor we will specialize in transportation of cargo or goods and offer different tours into the ANPR or Cumberland Sound Area. 

For types of services available or for your individual needs or schedule & reservation information, please call us

Pikaluyak Outfitters

North Pangnirtung Fiord,
Phone: 819-927-8316

Auyuittuq Outfitters, Hiking, Dog Sledding

Dog Sledding near Pangnirtung

Peter Kilabuk's Expediting and Outfitting Services

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